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On the shooting in Ottawa today

OK. All’s well that ends well. As politicians propose stripping more of your privacy and personal liberties over the coming days in the name of “security against terrorism”, remember that CURRENT SECURITY LEVELS WORKED. This could not have gone better. Sadly, one innocent person died. But no matter how much security you install, you will never stop a determined homicidal asshole from killing some randomly selected single victim. The thing to remember here is that the shooter was stopped almost immediately after the first unavoidable shooting, and that CURRENT SECURITY LEVELS WERE ALL THAT WAS NEEDED.

More than that: Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms apparently stopped the Ottawa shooter. Shame he didn’t use the mace, but the fact remains that A PERSON IN A SECURITY ROLE THAT IS AS OLD AS OUR NATION STOPPED THIS ATTACK.

Earlier this week, a determined homicidal asshole intentionally hit two soldiers with his car, killing one. Tragic. But the driver was stopped almost immediately, and CURRENT LEVELS OF SECURITY WORKED.

Congratulations and thanks to the cops and security people involved. Let’s not screw things up by needlessly turning Canada into a police state.




There are international media headlines out there saying Ottawa was in “turmoil”, “chaos”, etc. Really seems like that’s not true. It really seems to me that this went absolutely textbook perfectly. Obviously, some asshole running around with a rifle is going to throw some scheduled meetings off or whatever, and maybe the tourists will have to wait until tomorrow to visit Parliament. But really, this seemed like a very well executed security operation, with relatively little panic or overreaction. Honestly, I’m surprised and impressed.

Live news coverage was markedly different (in a good way) from how US media covers events like this, too. I was watching the CBC, and they showed a great deal of restraint and were very careful to avoid jumping to conclusions or broadcasting mere rumours.

Other than the death of a soldier who looks like he was probably a pretty nice guy, Harper’s “address to the nation” turns out to be the first disappointment for me in this whole affair today. He seems to be just tickled pink to have some domestic tragedies he can point to as “terrorism” now.  I’m sure we can look forward to some warmongering and draconian surveillance legislation in response to this.

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