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Bill C-51 – Acts created and amended

It’s difficult to analyze the impact of complex bills like Bill C-51, partly because the amendments it makes to other Acts don’t have any context.  I’ve found that when analyzing legislation, it’s a big help to actually merge the amendments into the text of the other Acts.  That’s what I’ve done here.

I’ve created a new website,, to house this information – check it out and join the mailing list there if you’re so inclined.

The full text of Bill C-51, and its current status can be found on LegisInfo. has more information, including all mentions of the bill in the House.

In the hope that they may help others to analyze the impact of Bill C-51, the following documents show the Bill C-51 amendments in context.  Please copy and share these documents freely.

ZIP file containing all of the documents

New Acts created by Bill C-51:

Existing Acts amended by Bill C-51 (excerpted, as appropriate):

NOTE: I have not included the coordinating amendments contained in Bill C-51 sections 34-38.  These would be complex to represent, since they interact with the amendments contained in four other bills currently before Parliament, namely:


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