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My office is located in downtown Toronto, near the intersection of Dufferin and Bloor.

Note that I have moved, effective February 15, 2016.  My new office address is:

1200 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
M6H 1N2

Main Phone (Toronto): 416-625-2293
Toll Free (Canada/USA): 1-855-371-RKIP (7547)

Phone (New York, USA): 646-797-4565
Phone (London, UK): 020 3318 4729

Fax: 647-931-5263

If you are contacting me with a request that I provide legal services to you, please include the full name of the individual or organization that would be my client, as well as the names of any related organizations.  If the matter is a dispute with another party, please also provide the name of the individual or organization on the other side.  I need this information in order to search my records to ensure that I will be able to represent you without any conflicts of interest.  Please do not include any information that you consider confidential in your initial correspondence.

Any email address published on the Internet will inevitably receive a lot of spam – it is possible that legitimate email sent to could be caught in my spam filters.  If your message is important and you haven’t received a reply within a day or two, please contact me by phone to make sure that your message was received.

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