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Legal Services

I assist clients with matters across the spectrum of intellectual property law.  My practice has focused on IP since I was called to the bar in 2007.  During that time I have had the opportunity to work with businesses of all kinds and sizes – from major multinational corporations all the way to small startup businesses. An appropriate and effective IP strategy should be a cornerstone of any business.

I draft clear and effective contracts, offer creative, cogent and cost-effective advice on your legal issues, and have a track record of resolving intellectual property disputes amicably, inexpensively and without having to resort to litigation.  I am a sole practitioner with low overhead costs, and I am able to offer my services and expertise at rates that are significantly lower than other intellectual property lawyers with similar experience and skills.


Trademarks – protecting your brand

I offer a low flat fee for trademark applications – click here for more information.

Trademarks protect the identifying features of your business – logos, slogans, brand names, distinctive product features or packaging, etc.  Choosing a strong brand and procuring appropriate legal protection will help your company stand out from the competition, build brand value, and maintain control over your company’s products, services, image, and market share.  Trademarks are an invaluable tool to prevent unlawful competition, counterfeiting, grey marketing, brand libel and infringement.  I am a registered Trade-mark Agent with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.  I can help your company with all aspects of brand management and trademark law, including:

  • Trademark applications, registration, and global portfolio management
  • Trademark searches – determine whether your proposed trademark is available for use and registration in Canada and elsewhere
  • Branding consultations – ground-up assistance to ensure that the branding you choose is strong, distinctive, and enforceable
  • Infringement opinions – will your use of a mark infringe on third party trademark rights?  Does a particular third party use infringe on your legal rights?
  • Trademark licensing and assignment
  • Registration of official marks and certification marks
  • Trademark enforcement and dispute resolution
  • Infringement claim defence
  • Enforcement of common law (unregistered) trademark rights
  • Anticounterfeiting

Whether it’s art or software, web content or film, photography or the next great Canadian novel, copyright protects your original creative work.  I can assist you with all aspects of copyright law, including registration, licensing, rights clearing and enforcement.

  • Registration of copyright
  • Copyright licensing
  • Enforcement and dispute resolution
  • Infringement claim defence
  • Rights clearing – ensuring that the works you produce won’t infringe on the rights of others, and acquiring appropriate licenses where required
  • License compliance assessment – is your business in compliance with its third party content/software licenses?
  • Open source and creative licensing, open source licence compliance assessments
  • Compulsory licensing and tariff compliance assessments and advice (SOCAN, Re:Sound, CPCC, Access Copyright, etc.)
Patents – protecting your inventions

Patents protect ideas and inventions.  I can assist you with patent licensing, enforcement, and infringement defence, and can help you determine if your invention may be patentable.

  • Initial assessments of patentability
  • Patent licensing and negotiations
  • Patent dispute resolution
  • Responding to claims of infringement

I am not a patent agent, and I do not draft or prosecute patent applications.  If you decide to proceed with a patent application, I can refer you to an appropriate patent agent with technical expertise in the specific subject area of your invention.

Other services
  • General contract drafting and negotiation
  • Trade secrets, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Privacy law, policy and compliance, PIPEDA matters
  • Information Technology (IT) matters
  • Software and data escrow agreements
  • Software license compliance assessments
  • Website and software terms of use
  • Entertainment and media agreements and negotiation
  • Advice on advertising and marketing issues, regulatory compliance assessments
  • General IP rights clearing, advice and negotiation
  • Border IP enforcement
  • Internet and domain name issues
  • Online reputation management
  • Slander, libel and defamation matters
  • Freedom of information/access to information requests
  • Selected antitrust/Competition Act matters
  • Franchise agreements and strategy
  • Acting as Independent Supervising Solicitor for Anton Piller orders


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